User Profile :: MATHEN ITHAK (Mathen Kochukunju )

ID: PL.1.2.1
Spouse : 1st Marriage Chachi
Children : P.I.ITHAK (Kochukutty) (1874-1956), P.I.VARKEY (Varkeyachen), P.I.MATHAI (Mathaichen), MARIAM, P.I.KURIAN (Kuriachen) (1896 – , P.I.CHACKO (Chackochen) (1894-1961, P.I.JOSEPH (Kochu) (1900-1974), P.I.PHILIP (Kunju) (1907-1953), SOSA, EALY, SARA
Family : Palathinkal

Mathen Kochkunju was basically a textile merchant, first of its kind in Kottayam. He was dealing with stock and sale of gold and other items also. He started his business at a young age of 16.

He was a lay leader of Mar Thoma Church and was an influential person in the society. When Mar Thoma Church lost Cheriapally in a court verdict, it was Mathen Kochukunju and Chackalayil Avarachen, who were instrumental in procuring the land for present Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church at Kottayam.

Mathen Kochukunju and Chackalayil Avarachen were very thick friends. Kochukunju\'s son P.I.Ithak married Avarachen\'s daughter Aleyamma and Avarachen\'s son Ittycheria married Kochkunju\'s daughter Mariam.

Wife: 1st Marriage Chachi, daughter of Thiruvarpu Cheriaparackal Varghese, in which they had 3 sons P.I.Ithak (Kochukutty), P.I.Varkey (Varkeyachen), P.I.Mathai (Mathaichen) and one daughter Mariam.

           2nd Marriage: Elachi, daughter of Parippu Paravathu Chacko, in which they had 4 sons P.I.Kurian (Kuriachen), P.I.Chacko (Chackochen), P.I.Joseph (Kochu), P.I.Philip (Kunju) and 3 daughters Sosa, Ealy and Sara

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