Towards end 1970s, seniors of our Palathinkal family started dreaming on forming a ‘Palathinkal Kudumbayogam’. On 1st January 1980, the following members of our family, from our branches Palathinkal, Arackal, Ullattil, Ancheryl and Kalathoor, met at the residence of Sri.Isaac Mathai at Mooledom for further discussions on the formation.

They unanimously decided to go ahead and form the ‘Palathinkal Kudumbayogam with active membership from all the 5 branches. An ad-hoc committee was formed with Dr.P.I.George as President, Sri.A.I.Ipe as Vice President, Sri.P.I.Joseph as Secretary and Sri.Isaac Thomas as Treasurer. They took up further procedures and thus ‘Palathinkal Kudumbayogam’ was born.

First Annual General Body meeting of the Yogam was held on 1st May 1980, at the residence of Sri.P.M.Korulla, Akathilottu Palathinkal, Kottayam, which was the Palathinkal Tharavadu.

  1. Dr.P.I.George
  2. Sri.P.I.Joseph (Baby)
  3. Sri.Isaac Mathai
  4. Smt.Achamma Joseph
  5. Sri.P.K.Abraham (Avarachan)
  6. Sri.Mathew P.Oommen (Kunjumon)
  7. Sri.Isaac Palat (Sunny)
  8. Ranjit Mathew
  9. Dr.George Mathai
  10. Sri.P.M.Korulla
  11. Sri.George Isaac
  12. Smt.Sucy Isaac (Sr)
  13. Smt.Sucy Isaac (Jr)
  1. Sri.A.I.Ipe (Achen)
  2. Sri.A.I.Abraham (Chachutty)
  3. Sri.A.I.John (Baby)
  4. Sri.A.I.Abraham (Thampy)
  1. Sri.Isaac Thomas (Kunjunju)
  2. Sri.U.I.Isaac
  3. Sri.U.M.Isaac
  1. Sri.K.Thomas Varghese
  2. Sri.T.I.Kurian (Thadathil)
  3. Sri.P.M.Chacko (Purathuttukalayil)
  1. Sri.K.I.Abraham (Kalathra Kaduppil)

Rev.C.I.George (who later became Rt Rev.Geevarghese Mar Athanasius of the Mar Thoma church) was the chief guest, who, gave the key note address during the inaugural meeting. It was decided in the meeting that every year, the Annual meeting would be held on the 1st of May. Second Annual General Body meeting was held on 1-5-1981 at the residence of Sri.A.I.Ipe (Arackal), Vadavathoor, Kottayam. Rt.Rev.Thomas Mar Athanasuis Sufragan Metropolitan of Mar Thoma church was the chief guest of the meeting.

Third Annual General Body meeting was held on 1-5-1982, at the residence of Sri.Isaac Thomas (Sr) Ullattil, Kottayam. Most Rev.Mathews Mar Bernabas, Metropolitan of the Orthodox Syrian church was the chief guest. A group photo was taken there, which now decorates the drawing room of many Palathinkals. (It is given in the Kudumbacharithram also) Fourth Annual meeting was held on 1-05-1983 at residences of Sri.Mathew P.Oommen, Palathinkal, Kottayam. Rev.V.Thomas, Vicar of Jerusalem Mar Thoma church was the chief guest. 1982 and 1983 were years of sorrow for the Kudumbayogam, as three stalwarts of our Kudumbayogam Dr.P.I.George (Founder President), Sri. P.I.Joseph (Founder Secretary) and Sri.Isaac Mathai (in whose residence the first meeting to discuss the formation of our Kudumbayogam) passed away during this period.

Fifth Annual meeting was held on 1-05-1984 at the residence of Sri.A.I.John, Areckal, Nattakom, Kottayam. Rev.T.J.Thomas, Director of the TMA Counseling Centre was the chief guest for the meeting.

Sri.A.I.Ipe and Sri.Isaac Palat (Sunny) were elected as President and Secretary respectively and the venue for meeting was shifted to Rotary Hall owned by Isaac Palat. Sixth Annual General meeting was held there on 1-05-1985.

Seventh Annual General meeting was held on 1-05-1986 at Rotary Hall. Sri.Isaac Thomas (Sr) who was the President put in extra efforts during this period and took up renovation of Kodimatha Prarthanalayam. Picnics to Thekkady, Idukki and Pathiramanal were of great attraction to members during his tenure.

In 1987, Sri.Isaac Thomas continued as our President. In 1987 we started the practice of having Holy communion service at Kodimatha Prayer Hall before commencing the Annual General meeting. Executive Committee members of Kudumbayogam visited Ancheryl and Ernakulam members to make further progress in our activities. Kudumbayogam offered financial support to four of our families for education of their children and also for the repair of their houses. Sub committee members visited Athirampuzha tracing our roots there. During this period, Mrs.Thara Cherian (wife of Dr.P.V.Cherian) and former Mayor of Madras, visited Kottayam and was a guest of honour at the residence of Sri.Mathew P.Oommen.

On 1st January 1988, Kudumbayogam had a special General Body meeting at Anchery hosted by Ancheryl branches. Rev.N.V.Korula was the chief guest for the meeting. We have had our Executive committee and General Body meeting every year. I am unable to recollect our activities in succeeding years in chronological order. However, I can tell you that we were continuing our activities in full swing and consolidating it through out the years. On two occasions (in 2005 and in 2007) we had our Annual General Body meetings at Ernakulam, where majority of the Palathinkals in Ernakulam attended in good strength.

I recollect from memory the excellent services rendered by all succeeding Presidents and their teams for our Kudumbayogam. Sri.A.I.Abraham (Chachutty), Sri.Isaac Palat, Sri.George Isaac, Sri.George Ipe, Smt.Achamma Joseph and many others served the Kudumbayogam excellently during the past. Some of them had served in the post for more than one term. In fact, Sri.A.I.Abraham (Chachutty) served as President for five years continuously. I thankfully remember the services of Sri.Kurien Isaac, Mathew Joseph, Markose Isaac, Sri.A.I.Abraham (Thampi), Sri.P.K.Kurian(Papachen) and several others who served as Secretaries during the past.

We have had many eminent persons as chief guests for our Annual General meetings during the past. To name a few, they were Rt.Rev.Zacharias Mar Theophilos of Mar Thoma church, Bishop T.B.Benjamin of the CSI church, Rev.M.C.Mani, Rev.R.C.Thomas, Rev.Thomas Philip, Rev.K.S.Mathew and many others.

In 2007, we had one of the biggest shocks, when Sri.Isaac Palat (Sunny), many times President, Secretary and Treasurer of our Kudumbayogam passed away, leaving us in a vacuum. God Almighty had been kind to us and we are able to continue our activities in the best possible way for the benefit ofour Kudumbayogam and its members.

From 2006-07 onwards, we have Sri.Isaac Palathinkal as President. Due to the sad and sudden demise of Sri.Isaac Palat (who was Secretary) the team was recast. Now we have Sri.Bhasi Joseph Ipe as Vice President and Treasurer, Sri.Babu Isaac Ullattil and Sri. K.T.Philipose as Vice Presidents, Sri.Mathew Joseph as Secretary, Sri.Ranjit Kurian Isaac as Joint Secretary and Sri.Ranjit Mathew as Joint Treasurer.

They have introduced some novel changes in the activities of our Kudumbayogam. The Executive committee meet four times in an year alternatively at Kottayam and Ernakulam. A News Letter ‘Palathinkal Vartha Pathrika, has been introduced. First issue is already with Palathinkal families. Second issue is expected to be released in April 2009.

Work on releasing a ‘Palathinkal Kudumbacharithram’ was started in 2007. Now you are reading this article in it. Each and every member was asked directly through circulars and through representatives in the Executive and the Editorial committees to provide bio-data, photographs (individual and family) and addresses with phone numbers and email IDs for publication in Kudumbacharithram. Many responded and a few did not. All the data collected are included in this publication. We thankfully record our gratitude to all the members, who supported us with valuable inputs and with financial contributions.

Palathinkal Endowment Fund’is another venture they have introduced. Our objective is to have a sizeable amount in 'Palathinkal Endowment Fund', interest of which can be ustilised for social service, mainly to promote education and all round development of younger generation in society, for Palathinkals or even for non Palathinkals. Since the amount now available with us is not sufficient for big projects, we are contemplating to start the activities in a small way, by introducing few prices for those securing first few ranks from M.T.Seminary school, Kottayam. We expect generous contributions from our family members, without which we cannot succeed in our efforts. Since we morally owe it to the society, every member of our family is requested to contribute to this fund, any amount they can afford to spend. Since this is a continuous project, each of you can contribute to it at any time and we invite you to do it at your best. Photographs of our founding leaders of Kudumbayogam, who met in 1980 and formed the ‘Palathinkal Kudumbayogam’ and a few action photographs of our Kudumbayogam meetings are given in succeeding pages.

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