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New Borns


10. A baby girl, Annie was born to Aswini Kurian (PL. in New Jersey. USA on 2nd of August 2016. Aswini is wife of Sanil George and  daughter of P.K.Kurian (Kunjumon) Palathinkal and Prasanna. Annie has one elder brother Daniel. 


9. A baby girl, Anna Isaac, was born to Isaac P.Isaac (PL. and Maya Mariam on 2nd August 2016.

8. A baby boy  (Joe Itty Ipe)  was born to Surin George Ipe (AR.  and  Riya on 26th October 2015.

7. A baby boy Yacub Cherian Mathen was born to Linu (PL. and Sanju on 19th February 2011..

6. Baby twins, Isaac and Susan, were born to Isaac Palat (Jr) (Pradeep) and Rejuna on 3rd June 2010.

5. A daughter Sarah was born to Isaac P.Isaac and Maya on 15th March 2010

4. A son Ayden was born to Sona (daughter of Bhasi and Molly, Arackal)

3. A girl, Rachael, was born to Praseedha (Daughter of Vinoo (Late) and Maggie, Arackal) on 6th July 09.

2. A son Nohan, was born to Sanu (Daughter of Mathew Joseph and Sucy, Palathinkal) and Preethu.

1.A son, Aidan, was born to Tobin Varghese (Son of Thomas K.Varghese and Kunjammini, Kalathoor, USA) and Grace  on 22nd December 08.

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