Palathinkal Family Genealogy

A person called Kurian of Vadakkedathu Palathinkal was the first to settle at Kodimatha. Kurian’s son, Ithak, continued to stay at Palathinkal. His brother Itty Ipe married and moved to his wife’s house, as adopted heir in Pulinkunnu. Ithak who stayed in Kodimatha had a son by name Kurian. Kurian was blessed with 3 sons Kurian, Itty Ipe and Ithak. Kurian married and moved to Parambathu family at Muttatil as the adopted heir. His progeny is now known as Cheeramvelil family of Muttatil. Nothing much is known about Kurian’s second son Itty Ipe. The third son Ithak had 5 sons and 3 daughters (information about the daughters is not available).

First son, Kurian married the grand daughter of Punnoose Tharakan of Valiaveetil of Ancheril (Eriyattu Wattasseril Eley) This clan is known as Palathinkal Kalathoor branch. M

Second son, Itty married Eley of Nedumpoykayil of Meenadom and settled there. Their family is known as Palathinkal Ancheril branch.

Third son Ithak married Mariam, daughter of Ancheril Mathen of Puthanangady and stayed back at Palathinkal house in Kodimatha. This clan is now known as Palathinkal branch.

Fourth among the sons Unnutty married Aleyamma of Konapadathu of Veloor and settled at Ullattil in Puthanangady. This clan is known as Ullattil Palathinkal branch.

Fifth and the last among the sons, Itty Ipe married the daughter of Korah of Vadasseril, Kottayam and settled there as an adopted heir. Later , when a son was born in the Vadasseri family, Itty Ipe returned to his ancestral home. He settled at Arakkal Parambil, which was gifted by the Thekkumkoor Raja to Vadakkedathu family and this clan is known as Palathinkal Arakkal branch.

(Itty Ipe, who stayed in Pulinkunnu (second son of Kurian who came and settled first as the head of the family of Vadakkedathu Palathinka1) found himself isolated there as an outsider. He felt that his son may also feel helpless and out of place later and hence decided to return to Kottayam and stay with his brother at Palathinkal, Kodimatha. He got his son, Scaria, to marry Accamma (the only daughter) of Puthenpurackal family of Thazhathangady in the Malayalam Year (Kollavarsham) 891 (AD 1715) and settled there. Then suddenly ltty ]pe passed away. Later Scaria brought his mother back from Pulinkunnu to Puthenpurakkal house, where Scaria was the adopted heir. Even though Scaria, his wife Accamma and Scaria’s mother stayed together at Puthenpuraekkal at Thazhathnady, the neighbourhood of that place called them ‘Kodimatha people’. Scaria was hard working and had a flair for business. He started trading business. It prospered and thus he made substantial savings out of it and amassed wealth. At that time he acquired some landed property namely, Illilckal (Veloor), Vadakke Kavungalathu, Thekke Kavungalath, Angadical, Kallarakkal etc. He also acquired the Chempalathara property of Veloor in the Malayalam Year M.E 906 (AD 1730). Scaria was blessed with a son. When Scaria’s mother passed away, her body was buried at Cheriapally cemetery. Scaria’s son’s name was Itty Ipe. He married in the year M.E 925 (AD 1749). In the year M.E 930 (AD 1754) Scaria passed away at the age of 64. His mortal remains was also buried at Cheriappally cemetery in the 64th row below the ‘ratha1’. In the year M.E 945 (AD 1769) a son was born to Itty Ipe and he was named Kuruvilla. Itty Ipe was blessed with another son and he was named Varghese. Both sons got married in the year ME 965 (AD 1789). Thus Itty Ipe with children and grand children lived happily at Puthenpurackal at Thazhathangady, Kottayam. The Itty Ipe lineage comprises of the families of Thekke Kavungalam, Vadakke Kavingalam, Bagavathy Parambu. Eembil, Chembalathara and Kallarakkal, spread in and around Veloor, Thazhathangady near Kottayam town. Some of these properties were lost subsequently.

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