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Parent: P.I.MATHAI (Mathaichen)
Spouse : Paul Mathews of Mulanthuruthy Pa
Family : Palathinkal


Husband: Paul Mathews of Mulanthuruthy Pallippurathu Kallarackal family.

They were in Kabul for a very long time.

Paul Mathew was in Afgan Airlines.

Leelamma started her career as a teacher. Later, she was in charge of British Library in Kabul and then of British Libraries of Asia and Africa.

Leelamma was a multi linguist and proficient in 10 languages including French, German, Arabic, Syrian, Afgan language, etc.

Both, Leelamma and Paul passed away.

Children: Three daughters Salima (Ph.D), Jameela and Priya

Salima is married to a German.

Jameela was first married to a Syrian Christian (one son David)  and then to a Hungarian.

Priya was accidently shot at in USA and died.

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