About Palathinkal Family of Kottayam

The kingdom of Travancore, before it was united into one unit, had several smaller kingdoms (principalities) ruled by small-time rulers. At that time, Kottayam was ruled over by Thekkumkoor Thampuran and his kingdom extended from Kaipuzha in the north to Kaippattoor in the south.

On invitation from Thekkumkoor Raja, our forefather Kurien came from Athirampuzha and settled down near old bridge (Palathinkal) at Kodimatha, Kottayam, as a merchant. Year of migration of Kurien to Kodimatha is estimated to be between 1670 and 1700 AD. In the 5th Generation from Kurian, the Palathinkal family got divided into 5 branches, namely Kalthoor, Ancheril, Palathinkal, Ullattil and Arackal. In between, we do not have further detailed information on successors of Kurian, Itty Ipe (1) & IttyIpe (2) shown below in the chart. Data from 5th Generation onwards is available and presented in Kudumba Charithram (Family History) in detail.

family tree

In the past century members of Palathinkal family have moved and settled down in different parts of India and in all the continents of this globe. Some of them have returned to Kerala, but many have settled down in other places where they ventured. In the same manner, in all walks of life, members of this family have got themselves established and they continue to prosper.

Palathinkal family has produced and given to India and the World - Eminent Teachers, Religious/Law/Social/Cultural leaders, Statesmen and Beurocrats, Renowned Writers, Excellent Doctors and Engineers, Business Entrepreneurs, Top level Corporate Executives, etc, etc - all with the blessings of the God Almighty.

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